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The cross-disciplinary tearm at Sports Cardiology Toronto firmly believes that in the vast majority of healthy individuals and those with cardiovascular disease, a physically active lifestyle that includes exercise positive health outcomes.

Our patients include those with cardiovascular disease who need specialized advice about increasing their level of exercise, to recreational and elite athletes with cardiac conditions who require experts familiar with exercise and sport. A key objective is to facilitate a SAFE “Return to Play” for athletes with cardiovascular disease, and to provide guidance for continued or modified exercise.

We use a Team Approach consisting of:

  • Cardiologists and Exercise Physiologists with strong interest and expertise in sport cardiology and cardiovascular physiology
  • Broader support from Kinesiologists with expertise in rehabilitation & training
  • Clinical care is informed by, and drives our research efforts related to exercise and cardiovascular health

A key distinguishing feature is the provision of a unified, full-integrated and cross-disciplinary program of research, advocacy, consultation, education and clinical care, all housed within a single institute

Our Mission

To promote safe, healthful exercise of athletes at risk of, or diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, informed by a world-class multidisciplinary research team, and through a program of education, advocacy and the provision of clinical care and consultation, delivered by leading experts in sports cardiology and exercise physiology.